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The name of the blog comes from a conversation with my daughter, where she told me that I was always looking to help people be prepared for the inevitable emergencies in life.

I started this blog as a place to assemble all the information that I was getting every day and to share my thoughts and ideas on emergency management.

I had no idea how much of the blog would wind up being what's in the news. While it does not take a lot to add a blog entry, I just did not realize how much of my day was involved with simply keeping up with what's going on. All of the posts, whether what's in the news or comments or just a piece of information, have a purpose; to get us thinking, to get us talking, and to make things better - in other words, to make a difference.

Hopefully this blog will save you some time and energy, or help you in some other way. If you would like to see something, please let me know.

Posting an article does not imply that I agree with the comments in the article. In fact, in many case, I do not agree, but feel that the comments should be part of the discussion. All opinions are welcome. I only ask that you remain considerate and professional of other opinions.


Favorite Quotes for the Emergency Manager

  • “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • “Failing to plan is planning to fail”
  • “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” Denis Waitley
  • "Station 51, KMG365."
  • “One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” Arnold H. Glasgow
  • “An ostrich with its head in the sand is just as blind to opportunity as to disaster”
  • “The powers in charge keep us in a perpetual state of fear keep us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.” Douglas MacArthur
  • “My ideas have undergone a process of emergence by emergency. When they are needed badly enough, they are accepted.” Buckminster Fuller
  • “Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”
  • "If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, ..." Rudyard Kipling
  • "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." Aldous Huxley

Friday, February 27, 2009

YAHOO: Economic Crisis Resulting in a Return to Personal Preparedness

Minneapolis (Vocus) February 19, 2009 -- Signs and wonders of the growing global economic disaster continue to emerge. No one is pretending to imply that things are going to be OK anytime in the near future. Millions of jobs are being vaporized. Home and real estate values are plummeting. Assets are disappearing into thin air and lives are being turned upside down.

Up to 40 million people will lose their jobs in 2009 according to the International Labor Organization. Over a quarter of a million western companies are expected to fail, representing record levels of insolvency. More than $10 trillion has been pledged by the U.S. alone toward solving the crisis.

Safecastle LLC owner Victor Rantala said, "Economic failure and cultural devolution are the best-case scenarios we have to work toward right now. The worst case?--the real possibility of the outbreak of major warfare, disease, and/or natural catastrophe that would coincide with the current demise of the economic system as we know it."

Scores of politicians, commentators, and experts from all walks of life have been toiling to get the word out in the last several months. The message is that people need to do what they must to be ready for a world that is about to be far less kind and gentle.

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